According to most Personal Injury attorneys, the two biggest problems they face with patient care is “Doctors don’t know how to properly document”, and “Finding doctors in areas that are convenient for the patients”. If the clinic is too far from the patient’s home or work, they will not be compliant. This is why we have put together this directory. To help personal injury attorneys and qualified doctors find each other.

Many times doctors need qualified attorneys so they can refer patients for legal representation, and vice versa. Believe it or not, it can be very difficult to locate attorneys who understand personal injury, and who make the process for the doctors and patients easy and as stress free as possible. It can also be frustrating for attorneys to try to find doctors who understand how to properly document records that can be easily understood by all involved parties.

The doctors on this directory have been trained in personal injury, from proper documentation and coding, to compliance and professional standards. How to properly construct daily visit notes, narratives, diagnostics, and second opinions. The doctors have also been organized by different regions, including large metropolitan areas, making it easy to locate a doctor by different parts of the city, or in surrounding suburbs, as well as smaller towns. We are adding more doctors every month to give the attorneys more choices where to send clients. The process of adding doctors is not fast, as they must take our seminar to properly understand the personal injury process.

We have also added a page for attorneys to get listed so referring doctors can have access to lawyer contact information. It also gives the doctors the opportunity to look over the attorneys qualifications, awards, testimonials, etc., so they can make the best decision for finding representation for the patients that request it.

This website can hopefully eliminate some of the problems encountered by medical and legal professionals, help get the patients better, and make the process as easy as possible.